Mates4Mates believes in the power of people and together we can make a difference.

If you’re looking for others ways to support Mates4Mates and help change lives, why not consider fundraising? Every dollar raised helps provide tailored support and rehabilitation services to all current and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members who have physical or psychological injuries, and their families. 

Download the comprehensive Mates4Mates Fundraising Kit for more information and tips to get you started.


We have a number of dedicated community fundraisers who choose to contribute to Mates4Mates in unique and diverse ways. Orders can be placed to purchase items through individual fundraisers who are registered to fundraise for Mates4Mates. If you'd like more information, please contact The Fundraising Team on 1300 4 MATES. Alternatively, you can navigate through a number of different products available, below.

My Pop Was a Kangaroo ANZAC by Deborah Wheeler